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Ainu Hunter, Mon-chan, Video, 25.50 minutes, 2020


Ainu Hunter, Mon-chan explores an idea of ecology of empathy between human and non-human worlds. This work is an ethnographic video essay which includes an oral history from a member of the Ainu community, Mon-chan (Atsushi). Using visual and audio recordings that I collected in 2019, I questioned how we can imagine a future that is more ecological and inclusive, with a sense of reciprocity?


The protagonist Mon-chan, maintains positivity, honesty and a sense of resistance to the changing nature of Japan and its impact on his way of life as am Ainu hunter. Mon-chan raised a concern that environmental issues are only discussed through the lens of city centric views, disregarding the generations of experience of indigenous cultures. In this work, I wanted to share the Ainu values that Mon-chan learnt from his grandmother. I also wanted to share how the impact that his words had on me as I made my way back to everyday life in the city.


Supported and funded by:

Bagri Foundation.

St.John's College, University of Oxford

Sasakawa Oxford 


         Installation at Komagome Soko, Japan.

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